아일랜드유학 아일랜드 최고의 명문대학교에서 대학원석사 1년과정_아일랜드유학_대학원석사_트리니티칼리지_Computer Science (1)Intelligent Systems
Computer Science (M.Sc.) -Intelligent systems

아일랜드대학원 석사과정
Trinity College Dublin

Top ten reasons to study for an MSc in Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin

아일랜드 더블린 트리티니 칼리지대학교의 컴퓨터사이언스 코스는 4개의 주요분야로 나뉘어져 있습니다.트리니티칼리지 대학교의 데이터사이언스 코스는 현재 저명한 연구리더들에 의해서 고안되고 운영되고 있습니다. 데이터사이언스 코스는 세계적인 컴퓨터 산업에서 중요한 역할을 할 수 있도록 구성되어 있습니다.

  • Start date : September
  • Duration : 12 Month
  • School fees : Non-EU Students: €23,252

The MSc programme aims to produce very high quality graduates that can become leaders in high-tech industry and academic research.  It will be intensive, demanding and rewarding.

For entry to the course, we require the following:

  • A II.1 (60-69%) grade or higher from a reputable university in Computing or strongly related discipline
  • A standard of English language competence that will allow full participation in coursework, classwork and other activities – this means an IELTS level of 6.5.
  • You need to be able to be fully competent in programming in C, C++ or Java [for Graphics and Vision Technologies, you will need to have or acquire competence in C++]
  • A strong work ethic and the resolve to strongly engage with the demanding programme.  This means, for example, that it will be extremely difficult to do the course while holding part-time employment.

Intelligent Systems Strand Module Summary

Michaelmas Term (Sept-Dec)

Hilary Term (Jan-March)

Summer Term (April-August)

Machine Learning Text Analytics Dissertation
Information Retrieval &Web Search Artificial Intelligence
Knowledge & Data Engineering Adaptive Applications
Research Methods Advanced Software Engineering
Innovation Option 2
Option 1

Option 1 and Option 2 are elective modules selected from the other strands.

트리니티칼리지대학교 컴퓨터 사이언스를 선택해야 하는 10가지 이유

1. Dating back to 1592, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is one of the world’s leading universities, ranked in the top 100, and is recognised internationally as Ireland’s premier university (QS University Rankings 2016/17).

2. Trinity is recognised as one of the world’s leading research-intensive universities with many of our teaching staff world leaders in their fields and at the cutting edge of research which makes project work exciting and challenging for students.

3. Dublin is at the forefront of IT industry with its own digital hub, an attractive location both for start-ups and for high growth companies seeking to access the European market. The College is located at the heart of the city centre.

4. Nine of the world’s top 10 ICT companies are located in Ireland.

5. Graduates from the School are highly sought after. Our direct links with key industry players and our annual Computing Careers event facilitate contact and employment.

6. Dissertations from all postgraduate courses are showcased every year and students discuss their research results with guests from the public sector, business, and industry offering opportunities for recruitment, networking and further collaborations.

7. The School is host to large-scale national research centres co-funded by Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and industry: ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology; CONNECT, Ireland’s research centre for Future Networks; and the Learnovate Research Centre.

8. The School is a partner with: The Centre for Data Analytics (INSIGHT) and The Irish Software Engineering Research Centre (LERO).

9. The School is home to a number of TCD Research Centres: the Centre for Computing and Language Studies, Centre for Research in IT in Education, Future Cities, and the Centre for Creative Technologies.

10. Trinity College is one of the most successful in Europe at fostering entrepreneurship. For the second year running Trinity is the Top University in Europe for entrepreneurial graduates who have raised venture capital. Many computing related start-ups have come from the School of Computer Science and Statistics including: Iona Technologies, Havok, Kore, Swrve, Quaternion Labs, LinguaBox, Wifi Guard, CipherApps, Haunted Planet Studios, Haptica, GLANTA, Tolerant Networks, Cara Health, X Communications Ltd, EmpowerTheUser, Insight Statistical Consulting, Xcelerit, wripl and Emizar. 9 Employability Students specialise in a chosen area gaining in-depth knowledge and skills

아일랜드유학 아일랜드 최고의 명문대학교에서 대학원석사 1년과정_아일랜드유학_대학원석사_트리니티칼리지_Computer Science (1)Intelligent Systems
아일랜드유학 아일랜드 최고의 명문대학교에서 대학원석사 1년과정_아일랜드유학_대학원석사_트리니티칼리지_Computer Science (1)Intelligent Systems
아일랜드 최고의 명문대학교에서 대학원석사 1년과정_아일랜드유학_대학원석사_트리니티칼리지_Computer Science,future networked systems
아일랜드 최고의 명문대학교에서 대학원석사 1년과정_아일랜드유학_대학원석사_트리니티칼리지_Computer Science data
대학아일랜드유학_대학원석사_트리니티칼리지_Computer Sciece (2) Virtual Reality원석사

아일랜드프레스티지유학은  트리니티칼리지  공식에이전트로 무료상담 무료수속 서류검토 현지케어 서비스를 제공합니다