아일랜드의 유일한 파운데이션컬리지 DIFC 파운데이션컬리지의

온라인 인터렉티브 유학박람회에 여러분을 초대합니다

2021년 5월 20일 (목) 한국시간으로 오후 5시부터 9시까지 온라인 유학박람회를 개최합니다

DIFC 파운데이션컬리지가 개최한 온라인 유학박람회는 아래와 같이 진행합니다

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온라인사전예약필수 – 링크 바로가기 

Following the success of our joint virtual fair with NCUK, we are organising a virtual fair promoting our pathways to Irish universities. The event is scheduled for Thursday, 20th May 2021 from 9am – 12pm BST. (한국시간으로 오후 5시부터 8시)

The virtual fair will comprise:

Live sessions with DIFC marketing and academic staff

Live Q&A with past DIFC students who have progressed to our Irish partner universities

Guest presentations from university partners

Full virtual booth access to chat directly with university representatives

일랜드의 다양한 대학으로 진학할 수 있는 아일랜드 DIFC 파운데이션컬리지!

다양한 아일랜드대학으로 진학가능 – 코크대학고, 리머릭대학교, 골웨이대학교,섀넌호텔경영대학교 등

유럽의 의대로 진학가능 – 12개 의대로 진학

다양한 영국대학교로 진학가능 – NCUK 파운데이션컬리지~ 다양한 영국명문대학교 진학

DIFC Ireland offers international students the opportunity to progress to leading universities in Ireland, UK and worldwide.

This interactive, online fair is an exclusive live session to find out what it is like to live and study in Ireland.

Why Attend?

  • Join a live Q&A session with DIFC students who have studied in Ireland
  • Watch live sessions on pathways to specific subject areas
  • Meet with Irish university representatives
  • Chat directly to university staff
  • Download exclusive materials
  • The event is FREE to attend

Find out how to start your academic journey at DIFC in Dublin by completing the NCUK International Foundation Year or the NCUK Master’s Preparation qualification. Successful completion of any of these qualifications will allow you to progress to leading Irish universities, with countless of degree courses to choose from! 


Where does the fair take place?

The fair takes place fully online meaning that you can access the fair from wherever you are in the world. Once you have registered for your tickets, you will be able to access the fair on Thursday 20th May and visit at any time during the hours of 9.00 – 13.00 (BST). 

Who is the fair for?

DIFC offers pathways for international students who have completed their high school qualifications (including O Levels) or a Bachelor degree in your home country. We deliver the NCUK International Foundation Year and Master’s Preparation qualifications, which are designed to ensure that you are fully prepared for a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. Come along to the Pathways to Ireland Fair to learn more about how you can start your academic journey to university in Dublin and successfully progress to leading Irish universities (as well as NCUK universities) after  completing an NCUK qualification.  

Register now for your FREE tickets. 

Limited spaces available!

온라인사전예약필수 – 링크 바로가기 

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